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Tavern Cat - First Release is in Manic Mode

Sorry first downloaders, Tavern Cats release is redrawing four time to fast. Will fix this tonight, but google needs fours days or so to review. Try it now, only if you think you have fast reactions.

Tavern Cat - Available Free on Google Playstore

Tavern Cat became available on the google play store, here. Or Search "Tavern Cat". Made the promised Feb release date by one day. Here is how it appears on the store. We welcome feedback. Questions we be grateful for your to answer. How do you like the view ads for life policy? Is flash the screen to provide touch feedback, good or annoying, i like it, brother hates it. Too hard, or too easy?

Tavern Cat, Approved, and Released by Google Play Store.

Not in the search yet. Will post the link, and put it on our website once it appears.

Tavern Cat: Production Release deployed to Google Play, awaiting review.

Production Release deployed to Google Play, awaiting review. We let you know once the play store presence is public.

Playtesting finished, Release Process Started

We are pleased to announce Tavern Cat completed play testing. We then switched the advert model to Admob Reward Ads, giving the play life (50) for every Ad viewed. We are now starting the release process with a build. Followed by an Upload to Google Play.